Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Bestfriend Got Engaged


Gong Xi Gong Xi! Its Dragon Year this year! 

"Dragon is a symbol of power"

So, Happy CNY to all friends who celebrated it! May this year brings you more prosperity and luck! =) =) (p/s: Angpow plssssss)

Okay. So, 22 January 2012 was a very special day to my girlfriend, AYU!

She got engaged today to her beloved Usop. Im happy to see her and will pray that everything will go smoothly. InsyaALLAH...

You guys pls pray for her n fiance as well ya!

Cantik kan? 


So this is the phase for you guys to get close to each other more. To understand your fiance feelings. Because this is one step ahead to marriage. InsyaALLAH, you guys will made it very soon. Amin =)

Lots of love,

(p/s: my turn lambat lagi. jgn tanya pls. hikhik)

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