Thursday, March 22, 2012

South Korea Trip February 2012


Its the most awaited trip ever in my life. I have been dreaming to visit Korea since the past few years. Alhamdulillah, in February 2012, I managed to visit the so called
"K-Pop" Country - South Korea.

My trip to South Korea starts from 3rd until 13th February 2012 (10 days). There are 4 people in this trip - Me, my best cousin (Ez@Ida) and my 2 awesome aunties (Mak Yang & Makde). Kitorg pergi trip ni, everything was done by me. No Travel Agent No Tourist Guide.
At first, nebes jugak nak redah sendiri tempat yang xboleh communicate in English. Yelahh.. bukan senang nak communicate if diorng xboleh speaking kan.. Nak tanya mana toilet pon kena buat gaya orang nak terkencing baru paham.. hahaha..

So, for this, i decided to enrolled a short Korean Language Class dan alhamdulillah sumenya baik2 sahaja. And kitorang xde face any serious problem throughout the trip. Yeay Me!

Basically, trip kitorng covers most of the tourist attraction in South Korea. First day smpai tido 2 mlm di Seoul and then we fly to Jeju Island for also 2 nights. Finally back to Seoul again for the rest of the trips. Tapi trip ni xsmpat untuk pergi ke Busan. Maybe next time kot? hihi...

Okay... tak larat nak cerita panjang2.. So, u guys layan jela pictures bawah ni and if you have any enquiries nak tanya pasal Korea, do contact me ok!

Us In front of Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul 
Comel bangettt budak ini...
With 3 ahjummas..
The famous shopping street - Dongdaemun
Me with Oppa's
Snowfighting yooo! Aiyakkk
Namsangol Hanok Village
Ocean Jeju Suites Hotel, Jeju Island.
Yongduam Rock- Jeju Island
My aunties ber kuch-kuch hota hai
Teddy bear museum!
Us in Local bus - pusing2 jeju island!
Giant versi korean boy!
Road to Manjanggul Caves
Puzzle Maze Garden jeju
In front of our hotel
Jetty to Full House Drama Location, Incheon
Kami sedang berdiri atas tasik yang beku yee...
This way to full house please --->
The poor ticket booth of Full House drama
I feel like Im in the love drama!
The Full House
Oh, Rain Oppa!
Hello, its Nami Island!
The First Kiss in Winter Sonata Location
Winter Sonata <3
We bumped into Full house 2 shooting at Nami Island!
Kimchi Museum - No! I dont eat kimchi...
Seoul Mosque, Itaewon
Korean dinner!
Our Oppa!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Terima Kasih!


I'm a graduate for second time! This time its Master yoooo!!

Thank you for all people who has always been next to me.. thru difficult and happy time.. especially during the time i wanna complete my Master.. Especially to My family --> Mama, Abah, Siblings, my nieces (caca & jijimok) and my one n only nephew (umar). U guys always give supports and courage to me!
My Lovely Parents

Next, special thanks goes to my one and only soulmate - KHAIRUL AIMAN HAMDAN!
Thank you sayang sbb sudi dgr all my stress n bebelan about thesis n studies. You are my backbones. I owe u much!
My superhero! XoXo
Then to my other family --> Abah (Bear@Porno@Nazrul), Along (Fidaiy), Angah (Aiman Mo), Achik (Orked), Qastho, Gmey, Adik (Yaya). Thank you sbb menceriakan my daily life. U guys put smile on my face almost everyday. Kdg2 sampai lupa yg aku ni tgh stress yg amat sgt... Thank you korang... Mami syggg korang sgt! 

People that always made me smile
 To my bestfriend - AYU, thank you awk sbb bg support kat saya! Saya doakan awak pun graduate cpt and dpt smbung PhD lepas tu ok! My doa and prayer always with you. Im sure one day you will achieve your dreams. Insyaallah.

To my other friends and family (i.e kwn2 jenan, kwn2 matrix, kwn2 degree, kwn2 master, classmates, lecturers, friends) terima kasih jugak!! If nak mention sorang2, 10 entry pon maybe xhabis tulis kan.. But i hope u guys know, that each of you that i know in my life, means a lot to me and i appreciate it much. Thanx for always being there and understand me. Everyone has their own unique contribution to my success. I will never forget each of you. 
(Cam poyo plak rase. hihi.. but i seriously mean it).

Do wait for my convocation okay! Jgn lupa bunga, hadiah for me pls. If nak bagi handbag lagi i suke! kiki...