Sunday, August 14, 2011

London Chaos

London was on fire! Oh my! What is happening? 
Tottenham Court Road
Personally, it is one of the safest city that I have ever been. I feel safe whenever I went out at night, even alone. But now with #Londonriots actions, it will become a nightmare for London peeps.

This is so dramatic! Building on fire. Caputured in Croydon. Source: Guardian
This is one of my fav shopping stop - Oxford Circus. What happen now? Hurm. Sigh :(
The world has been alarmed of the London chaos that occurred across England starting from last week (6th August 2011). London was really in a completely mess where people are afraid to go out and police are everywhere in the city. It started due to a protest as a result of police dead shooting to Mark Duggan in Tottenham 2 days before. More than 1000 people were arrested over the few days of rioting. Many shops, buildings and cars were burned down with shops being looted in the chaos. 

This pic was taken by me in May 2011. Tottenham Court Road underground was peaceful n safe. But with #Londonriots happening, not anymore.

Personally, I disagree with the #Londonriots actions. I understand that they are mad with the government and what so ever, but to me, burning down the shops & stealing is not the way to show the "madness". I feel sorry for those innocent people who has been victims due to these low-minded people thinking. One of the victim, is a Malaysian boy who study in Kaplan College, London. Pls view the video, if u want to know more.

I miss the Peaceful city of London. FULLSTOP.


P/S: With things happening right now, we could not say that London is not safe. Its just 1% of its citizens behave violently. There are still many British people who CARES. 

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