Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Still Alive


Dah lama TAK UPDATE blog nih.. Sampai kan password pon da lupe.. Hahaha..
More than 3 months dah tak update rupa2nya.. 
And many things happen during the 3 months of course..
Sorry sgt xsempat nak update the latest news.. Terlampau bz dengan assignments and ....
Yup! final exam is coming up in less than 2 weeks! woohhoooo... *debar jap*

Bertahan untuk 2 minggu jek lagi. Then I will be free just like a bird..hahaha...
Tak sabar nak melepaks kat rumah berehat n go for a holiday of course!
I'll try my best to update my stories and trip to Surabaya in last month after my final exam okay!
As for now, what I can say about Surabaya ialah "best untuk jalan2! If shopping, Bandung & Jakarta Better!".. 

Till Next time.

Nak tdoq.

P/s : My sleeping time now is changing to 7am. Maybe nak ikot time kat U.K kot? Hahahaha


Much Love,

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